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What is the aim of fashion photography?



To begin, you must have a concept for your film. Without a clear, unifying concept, even with the best gear, most gorgeous models, and most talented photographer, you won’t have moving photographs.

Your brand will benefit from you spreading the word about it. Create an idea you’re passionate about, and good visuals will follow.

Do you sell clothing for the great outdoors? Perhaps what you need is a shot on location in some far-flung part of the world.

Could it be that your brand represents the cutting edge of trendy, citywear? You could experiment with some cutting-edge methods.

As with “the art of style” by Marc Jacobs and “free to roam” by prAna, your notion should be easily conveyed in a single statement.

You don’t have to incorporate language into your final image to express your message, but if you can’t say it, it will be difficult to do so visually.


You should use portrait-friendly lighting and camera settings in a studio.

To avoid making the face look out of proportion to the rest of the body, a telephoto lens will flatten it.

You can get the most light into your camera by setting the aperture to its smallest setting.

Studio photography of action, such as hair flipping, requires a rapid shutter speed, a moderate aperture, and a low ISO. Instance: ISO 100, f/16, 1/250 sec.


Your setting should be a natural extension of your idea. A common setting for fashion shots is a minimalist studio with a white or black backdrop.

A blank canvas, both figuratively and literally, allows you to style and pose your way to a finished design.

If you must film on location, make it a unique setting.

While exploring a new area is exciting and can provide a visual feast, familiar places carry good connotations and can serve as powerful communicators. Depending on your objectives, either option may be suitable.

You need not spend thousands of dollars on an around-the-world plane ticket (though by all means, go for it if you can).

In other words, do you market yourself as a hip, counterculture company? Perhaps there is a rustic farm house on the outskirts of town that is just right for you.

Have you ever surfed? Perhaps there is a bluff on the shore where you can watch the sun set. Can we call you a lifestyle brand? Perhaps there is an unusual restaurant in town that has made creative use of its space.

Always do a pre-shoot scout of the place you end up using. The best way to photograph a new location is to visit it on your own and plan out the setup, lighting, and final pictures.

This will allow you to make plans without feeling rushed and will aid in maintaining focus during the shoot, both of which will result in more photographs being taken in less time and for less money.


The process of casting a model is crucial.

Instead of picking the prettiest individual you see, make sure the model you choose represents your company well. It stands to reason that an athletic model would be ideal for an activewear brand.

A tan customer is ideal for a swimwear store. When casting a model for a fashion shoot, it’s important to consider not only how they’ll look in the clothes, but also how they’ll appear in the poses you’ve planned.

When choosing and working with a model, it’s important to keep their individuality in mind. If they are inexperienced, you shouldn’t expect too much from them. To get a photo with plenty of happy faces and laughter, find someone who is in a good mood. Find a more reclusive model if you’re going for a gloomy, foreboding ambience.

The cost of a model is high. Keep a positive outlook on things if you’re going to save money by employing a new model.

Motivate them to keep going the whole time. Don’t just tell them what they can’t do; tell them what they should do instead.

If your model feels comfortable and at ease, you’ll get more candid images.


The design and setting of your lighting system are two major factors to consider.

A beauty dish with a grid coupled to a strobe is an excellent choice for the key light in a studio glamour session, and one to three additional strobes can be used to create flattering rim lighting.

Arrange the key light such that it is parallel to the camera and points directly at the subject. The strobe lights should be positioned behind the model as she looks directly into the camera.

If you want the strobes to be seen for the atmosphere, you should set them up so that they look good.


It’s probably clear, but let’s examine it anyway. Create a full ensemble that you feel represents your brand and the story you want to tell.

Even though high heels look great with the rest of your outfit, they probably shouldn’t be worn when sending someone outdoors to climb a slope.

Get your product ready by fixing any flaws, cleaning it thoroughly, steaming it, etc. Get the right fit by using a model and your styling skills.


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