11 Types of Photography With Nasir Hossain In Bangladesh


Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Fashion Photography
  • Model Photography
  • Brand Photography
  • Cloth Fashion Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Studio Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Nature Photography
  • Nasir Hossain Fashion Photographer 
  • Nasir Hossain Fashion Photography
  • Benchmark 


This article highlights 11 different genres of photography in Bangladesh, which is located south of India. Portrait, fashion, and product photography are all on the list.

 The official categories of photography in Bangladesh are on the first list. Examples of each type’s potential applications by Bangladeshi photographers are provided in the

second list: A portrait camera can be used to photograph an official legal document in order to record the signer’s signature, ID number, and facial features for use as proof.

Fashion Photography

Do you love taking pictures of people? Do you think they deserve to be looked their best, even in a candid way? Well, then let’s talk about getting the right gear for your fashion and beauty photography work.

The type of gear can range from camera bodies like a Sony A7r or Nikon D5500 to lenses such as the Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II or Nikon 70-200mm f4G. 

In terms of accessories, you will need tripods, camera mounts, flashes, and other things. Ideally, the right kind of gear is necessary for your fashion photography career.

But what happens if your budget is extremely constrained? There are always ways to get by using the tools you already have. 

But is that actually a wise decision? Will it actually affect how you work? I am afraid it won’t.

So what should you do? Investing in your photographic equipment is the finest thing you can do. 

It doesn’t always have to be the most expensive, but it should have the right features and durability that will serve your needs without a problem.

A sturdy camera bag is one of the most important items that every photographer needs to own. This kind of bag will protect your gear from external elements such as the sun, rain, and other types of harsh conditions.

BD Fashion Photography

Many people are drawn to the field of fashion photography thanks to its natural artistic feel. 

They like that their subjects can be both beautiful and vulnerable at the same time, and they enjoy living out their fantasies through these photographs.

We have always been intrigued by how stories may be told through photography.

Photography has become such a huge part of our culture that it is even becoming difficult to imagine life without it. 

We rely on photographs to create a feeling of nostalgia in the blink of an eye or to impart a feeling of happiness.

The most amazing historical occurrences and periods are also described using this phrase.

I would like to think that the backdrop of fashion photography is something everyone can enjoy because it includes everything from beauty, glamour, and sexuality to tragedy, and even death. 

Such subjects make for interesting images that speak volumes about human relationships in different times and places.

Bangladeshi Fashion Photography

Bangladeshi fashion photography is a subgenre of fashion photography that emerged in the mid-2000s in Bangladesh. 

Photographers such as Bulbul Ahmed, Sunny Parkin, and Zainul Abedin have been credited with starting the genre. 

The genre has also been used to document events such as the 2012 London Fashion Week. The fashion photography subgenre has been noted for its lyrical and dreamlike aesthetic.

The term “ Fashion photography in Bangladesh ” was first used by Sunny Parkin to describe the kind of photography he and his colleagues were creating. 

Bangladeshi fashion photographers have been using the term in the interest of “protecting their work from copycats”. 

Many Bangladeshi fashion photographers have stated that one of their main concerns is the emphasis on skin showing in Bangladesh, as well as the lack of credibility and pay within the industry.

Best Fashion Photographer In Bangladesh

Fashion photography is now a key element of marketing strategy for all brands in Bangladesh. But who are the best fashion photographers in the country?

This article will share 3 of the top fashion photographers in Bangladesh and break down their credentials.

3 of Bangladesh’s Top Fashion Photographers

1. Nasir Hossain Acknowledged as one of the best fashion Photographer in Bangladesh, Nasir has won several awards for his work. His work can be seen in national magazines.

2. Mohammad Asaduzzaman Molla A photography professional since 1984, Molla has produced countless special effects for films. 

Some of the special effects he has worked on include A Passage to India and Monsoon Wedding.

 Molla has also been involved in several other creative assignments as a photographer and director. Asaduzzaman says photojournalism is his passion.

3. Rubel Hossain has been a photographer since 1982. His talent has seen him listed in several international publications and awards. 

He has been producing stills and videos for national and international clients including The Daily Star, Shahid Natter Khela, Times Music, and Tk. Shaptak, Woman’s Day, and Master League.

Model Photography

It’s likely that you’re fascinated by photography modeling if you’re a photographer. However, not all models are created equally; some of them have certain features that make them ideal for different photo purposes.

There are a lot of different types of models: fashion models, promotional models, and lingerie models just to name a few. Within each of these several sorts, there are a few different categories.

BD Model Photography

Model photography in Bangladesh is gaining widespread popularity. Models have been emerging from all parts of the country, breaking stereotypes about who can be a model.

Thousands of models have excelled in various fields and some have even become celebrities. 

With competitions being held every year and events like the Silver Screen Awards and Aankhon ki Soch reaching new heights, 

Bangladeshi modeling is on its way to becoming one of the most internationally recognized forms of artistry.

Bangladeshi models strive to create a home, reach out and touch the hearts of millions across the world. 

With every model’s heart, they try to bring happiness to others’ lives through their work. This year Bangladeshi models were at it again with awards coming in from different countries. 

Hot shoots and fashion shows resulted in some of the most prominent models of our time getting some recognition.

Bangladeshi Model Photography

There are thousands of models on this site who have been photographed by the best photographers in Bangladesh to be featured for your enjoyment. 

They are all wearing beautifully designed clothes that show off their bodies from all angles. The styles shown range from traditional to modern and trendy Bangladeshi designs.

The models are not only beautiful but also wear heavily made-up faces which add to the beauty of their photos. 

Some of these makeup styles are very different from each other and for those people who like more natural makeup, this is a great chance to see how the rest of the world lives.

Above all these models make you feel satisfied that they are all wearing clothes while they take photos. 

This is important for the site to be safe for all ages to browse, but it does not take away from the excitement you feel from seeing all these beautiful models in the same place.

Best Model Photographer In Bangladesh

Nasir Hossain is one of the best model photographer in Dhaka. He specializes in modeling photography, both fashion, and commercial shoots. 

Nasir has been involved with commercials for a number of well-known brands including Aunt Jamima, L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, and Pepsi.

Brand Photography

When it comes to marketing, an important part of creating a lasting impression on potential customers is the use of images.

One image has the power to distinguish between conversion and abandonment. 

When one considers how both time and money are invested in marketing through advertising, it’s clear that every detail counts. In this post, we will explore what goes into good photography for marketing purposes and how to take better pictures that really sell you brand well.

Cloth Fashion Photography

Cloth fashion photography is a new trend that focuses on clothes in their natural environment. 

It was originally popularized by Leah Adler, who took photos of her daughter’s clothes on the floor of her bedroom with an iPhone camera wrapped in a towel. 

It took a while for the trend to catch on worldwide, but now cloth fashion photography has made its mark on the industry. 

Below are some illustrations of this concept that you’ll be able to stitch together yourself.

Portrait Photography

Original, timeless, and high-quality photography is only worth its weight in gold. 

That’s why you should take the time to invest in a portrait photography course and learn how to build your business from scratch, from professional photographers on this list.

One image has the power to distinguish between conversion and abandonment.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is more than just photographs. It’s a historic event, carefully designed to be remembered forever, and the images are priceless personal documents. 

A wedding photographer may work on the assignment, for an hourly fee or a flat (negotiable) fee. 

Wedding photography is usually not the main source of revenue for a photographer; it’s an extremely time-consuming process and often requires specialized equipment and skills. 

To make ends meet, many photographers also do some general portrait work.

The normal hours for a wedding photographer are: 8:00 am–5:00 pm (morning to evening) generally. Any time in between is negotiable.

Event Photography

Event photography is a bit different from everyday photography. It’s not just capturing all the sights with your eyes, but also capturing what you see and hear through photo equipment so that those moments are caught on film. 

This can be anything from an industrial production line to a concert, sporting event, or even just your family gathering. 

The best part is that by using event photography, you get to preserve memories and share them with others as they happen.

Studio Photography

A lot of people want to get into professional photography, but the path is fraught with hurdles. The hours can be long and the skillset you need may not necessarily be within your reach. 

Studio photography is a profession that can provide a high-paying career without all the hassle, though it’s not always easy to break in. 

It requires a critical eye, an understanding of lighting, and an eye for composition at all times — which makes it about as artful as any other profession out there.

Product Photography

Over the past few years, the specialty of product photography has witnessed a significant increase in popularity.

Product photography is used by companies of all shapes and sizes to send their products out into the market. It is typically used as part of an online advertisement or to market a product online, as well as being incorporated into e-commerce websites.

What distinguishes product photography from other kinds? There are mainly three key factors that set it apart: beauty, appeal, and functionality.

The photo needs to be attractive, and this may be something as simple as making the colors more eye-catching. 

This is crucial because the photos must be clear, and the viewer must immediately understand the purpose of the post.

The product must also convey some information about its functionality. This can range from being physically functional to having some key benefit that makes it useful.

Read more about commercial fashion photography in Bangladesh

Lifestyle Photography

You’ve seen them everywhere: the typical lifestyle portraits of happy families and couples. The problem is that most of these are taken on a set in a studio, and not the lovely places you’d want your family to be doing all the things they love. 

Worse yet, those pictures tend to be fairly generic, following traditional photographic rules like symmetry or using one light source.

Even studio portraits are starting to take on a look that doesn’t fit a lifestyle photo. All of these problems can be avoided with the help of a professional photographer and good lighting.

Nature Photography

There are loads of reasons to love taking photos of nature. First, the beauty and majesty of nature cannot be matched. 

It’s a different kind of art — one that requires patience, skill, and an appreciation for the natural world. Moreover, it’s an activity that takes people out into nature and helps reconnect them with their surroundings. 

It also inspires environmentalism in others by helping them understand how fragile our planet is; it brings to light just how close we are to losing some species forever (some animals have been lost altogether!).

Nasir Hossain Fashion Photographer 

This generation’s talented fashion photographer is Nasir Hossain. Many fashion fans are familiar with him, and he is well-liked on social media. 

He was born and reared in Dhaka’s old neighborhoods. Old Dhaka’s surroundings are creative and a perfect setting for any artist to develop.

Nasir developed a strong enthusiasm for photography early on, which is why he picked up all the fundamental skills and knowledge of using a camera right away. 

He started his journey into photography in 2006, when he was still a youngster. Later in 2010, he decided to increase his passion.

 The main inspiration behind Nasir’s quest was his mother.

He used to have travel dreams as a young child. He began to travel around Bangladesh’s peripheries in pursuit of his aspirations. 

While he was traveling, he got a job offer.  For him and his career, this chance was a breakthrough. 

He remained employed there for several years and accumulated a ton of experience. He started taking pictures of fashion.

Although his love of travel initially drew him to this line of work, it gradually evolved into a passion for fashion photography. 

Over time, he started to make money from it. His love of fashion is also influenced by another aspect.

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Nasir Hossain Fashion Photography


Photography plays a significant role in the perception of beauty that each era has in its own way. This compilation brings out the famous Photographer in Bangladesh, who will capture your big days with their camera lenses. Take a second to browse through this list, and you’ll want to find the right photographer for you asap!

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11 Types of Photography With Nasir Hossain In Bangladesh

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