Difference Between traditional photography vs professional photography in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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  • what is photography
  • what is traditional photography
  • what is a professional photography
  • why professional photography is important
  • Nasir Hossain – traditional photography or professional photography?
  • Why Comes to Nasir Hossain Model & Fashion Photography
  • Pros & Cons
  • Do Nasir Hossain’s photography business legal in Bangladesh
  • Benchmark

What is photography?

Photography is the recording of light or other electromagnetic radiation, usually to create permanent images.

Since 1839, when Louis Daguerre invented a simple and reliable method for capturing light on a sheet of silver-coated copper carrying a fine black powder, the process has become widely adopted by photographers in pursuit of art and entertainment. 

This widespread adoption in turn has resulted in countless technological innovations and methods of photographic processing.

The earliest known practical application of photography was by the Italian painter in 1839. 

Daguerreotypes were made by subjecting the silver-coated copper plate to a reversal of the photographic process that produced a positive image on paper. 

The first permanent photographs on glass plates were invented in 1848 or (citation needed) by. 

In 1885, introduced a process for making copies called halftone prints by using photographic chemicals instead of an actual camera.

What is traditional photography?

A traditional photograph is an image made by recording light for a sufficiently long time so that the colors can blend and create a single picture. 

This process typically involves using a camera as the input device to capture photons (light) and produce two-dimensional images. 

The camera captures the image with a lens, which changes the light into an electrical signal, then stores it on film or digitally to be transferred to another medium. 

For traditional photographs to be recognized as such, they must bear a resemblance to the original light source and record it accurately.

Stereoviews were created by taking a photograph of a scene with a camera and later printing it after being exposed to light for an extended period of time. 

The photograph would then be viewed in silhouette, giving the illusion that something was actually moving within the photograph. 

Many stereoviews are also accompanied by text about the scene, which can make them more interesting. 

For example, if the stereoview includes a portrait of the model, the text will explain the location and name of the person. 

It is possible to attribute various people to a particular scene on the basis of their clothing.

Examples of traditional photographs in other media include paintings, drawings and engravings. 

It is generally believed that photographs represent light the most accurately.

 Monochromatic photographs were created by taking successive photos using only one color (see monochrome).

What is professional photography?

Professional photography is the use of high-end camera equipment and fancy editing techniques to capture the most beautiful moments for others to enjoy. 

It can be used for personal or commercial purposes, capturing the perfect sunset on a summer evening with your friends or fulfilling a professional assignment from an agency. 

Some people have even become famous through their work as professional photographers!

Many arguments have been made at the expense of professional photography as a viable career choice, placing it somewhere between “food service” and “taxidermy”. 

Some argue that professional photography is something for the rich and famous to do, contributing little to society.

It may be tempting to think of best model photographer in Dhaka as just another type of beauty pageant, a trade concerned with style rather than substance. 

However, there are many people who feel that this perception of professional photography is far from reality and that it is a real career with a great deal of potential.

In terms of choosing the best path, there are a lot of options, and each path has its own pros This can be a challenging task because many different paths are available, and each path has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

The least challenging path is one most often chosen by newcomers to professional photography, a path that will allow you to work in the field with little education or training. 

The easiest way is to get a job at an established photo studio, where you will be able to learn on the job.

One major disadvantage of this method is that you will be limited by your employer’s preferences.

 This may not suit your own vision or ambitions, and it may not give you the freedom to choose your own equipment or style.

Going to school and getting an education are the best next steps.

This path is much more challenging, but it will give you the widest range of career choices. At a good school, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of taking pictures and film editing.

You may also benefit from learning how to light and set up scenes, understand human body language, and write good copy for your clients. 

Such training can provide you with a solid foundation in the field of professional photography that would otherwise take years to acquire on your own.

Why professional photography is important?

A lot of people judge those who hire photographers based on the assumption that they are just vain and shallow, but this is a narrow-minded and unfair opinion.

Professionals have years of experience in the field, so they know how to create images that catch the eyes of potential clients. 

Their expert knowledge can also be used to shape your image as a company representative or as an individual. 

They pick up on everything, from your clothing choices and facial expressions to what you choose to place in the background behind you.

If you can approach them with a certain image in mind, they can help you perfect it. As mentioned above, professional photography can be used for a variety of purposes. 

For example, if you are running an e-commerce business and want to put up a store online, the images on your website will play a crucial role in converting people into customers.

Whether it’s an album cover or it’s an ad for your new book, there are many other instances where professional photography comes in handy.

But first, let’s look at the reasons why professional photography is important.

The first benefit is that your photographs will be more professional. 

You won’t just have a bunch of random images that look like they were taken by an amateur; you will have quality pictures that show you in your best light.

The second benefit of professional photography is that you get a lot more for your money. 

This is because professional photographers have years of experience in the industry and can therefore create images that are better than what your average photographer can do. 

Professional photographers can also create other images for you, depending on the needs of your business or personal projects.

The ability to use photographs for various reasons is the third advantage. If you need an image for your book cover, their expertise will definitely come in handy. 

You can also ask them to create a portrait of you or other group photos if your business requires them.

A professional photographer’s experience also helps him or her take photos that are more interesting and creative. 

They know how to evoke certain emotions through their photography, and they know how to create a narrative that is coherent from start to finish.

Nasir Hossain – traditional photography or professional photography?

There is no definitive answer to the question “which is best traditional photography or professional photography?” 

Every person’s situation wants, and needs are different. This post explores some of the benefits of both types of photography.

Photography has changed a lot over time. In order to capture meaningful moments and preserve significant events, photos were once taken by amateurs – anyone who could find an old camera. 

Then, an era of professional photography began.

Nowadays, professional photographers take most photos at a high cost. They demand a high price to record those priceless life events.

 Some clients don’t like having to deal with another person in order to create their photo portrait or any other type of portrait. 

This situation often leads them to request professional photography prices vs traditional photography prices.

Traditional photography, otherwise known as no-studio photography, can be the answer for those clients who want to capture their own meaningful moments and don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a photo session. 

In this instance, the client takes their own photos with their own equipment. They don’t have to pay expensive studio fees and have complete control over every part of the procedure.

Why Comes to Nasir Hossain Model & Fashion Photography?

Nasir Hossain – Model and fashion photography have a team of dedicated photographers who have been working in the industry with pride for the past nine years. 

Their team has the honor of working alongside some of the most well-known best photographer in Bangladesh businesses in the nation and providing them with the highest level of satisfaction with fashion photography in Bangladesh. 

Their experience Best fashion Photographer in Bangladesh team and their dedication towards their work are key to their success. Earning customer satisfaction is their goal, therefore they value their customers’ needs and preferences the most.

Pros & Cons

Let’s examine some of the pros and cons of each type of photography…

As you can see, professional photography has a lot of benefits. But traditional photography may be a good fit for many clients in today’s world of tight budgets and cost-effective solutions.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of traditional photography is that your client doesn’t need to pay for the cost of a professional photographer.

Why? Because the person taking traditional photos can be yourself or even your client!

Also, if you’re a beginner photographer, you’ll have a much greater chance of success with traditional photography than you will with professional photography. Traditional photography is easier to master and create good images on your own.

But there’s no denying that professional photographers can get better results in many situations. And they can get the best results.

But the good news is that there can be a lot of flexibility between traditional and professional photography.

With traditional photography, you can shoot all the photos you want without having to worry about the number of pictures you take. You also have more control over what kind of pictures you take; for example, you don’t always have to include people in your shots.

With professional photography, you can organize a photo shoot for your client that fits their schedule. And the images will be of very high quality, even if you hire a low-cost photographer.

Do Nasir Hossain’s photography business legal in Bangladesh?

A legal expert said that “Nasir Hossain-Fashion Photographer business is 100% legal for sure as it does not violate any law of Bangladesh.

 Although, I don’t know if his business is legal or not by the law of other countries”.

He also added, “As long as the photograph and the picture are taken on the public road, no one can object that they think they violate the law”.

Furthermore, he stated, “If there is any type of law which specifies that that particular kind of photography should be banned, those laws should be made applicable to Nasir Hossain because otherwise there shouldn’t be a crime”.


Well, that concludes our informative and factual blog post on what you need to know about traditional photography and professional photography. 

We hope you found it insightful!

The difference between the two types of photography is quite simple really, in essence: the more expensive kind (professional) is usually more useful for artistic purposes, while traditional sorts are better suited for day-to-day tasks like capturing memories or taking photos at a wedding. famous Photographer in Bangladesh

One neat thing about this difference is that it gives everyone new opportunities to explore and experiment.

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Difference Between traditional photography vs professional photography in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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