Difference Between Commercial Fashion Photography vs candid photography in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Table Of Contents:

  • what is Commercial Fashion Photography
  • what is candid photography
  • Nasir Hossain – Commercial Fashion Photography or candid photography?
  • Why Comes to Nasir Hossain – Commercial Fashion Photography
  • Pros & Cons
  • Benchmark

What is Commercial Fashion Photography?

In the fashion industry, it is very easy to make the progress from model to the photographer. 

The term “fashion photography” essentially describes any types of photography in Bangladesh that a stylist or an individual designer employs to display their designs on a series of garments.

In order to properly create these pictures, commercial fashion photographers are often required to have a collection of training images and take workshops and classes in order to learn techniques that can be applied specifically to their area of work.

Commercial fashion photographers may also want to consider the side of photography with which they should get involved with Fashion photography in Bangladesh.

It is essential that you pay attention to the quality of the photograph and how it can be used by its client. 

Some commercial fashion photographers work with clients who are looking for a high-quality collection of photographs, while others create typical images for their client catalogs or websites. 

It is essential to understand the proper styles of photos so that you can know where you fit in the industry.

Knowing how to sell oneself as just a fashion photographer is also crucial. If you have experience with different types of photography, it may be easier for you to market yourself because your portfolio would include a variety of photographs for the client to look at. 

If this is not your style, consider making various contacts and knowing various photographers so that when someone needs a commercial fashion photographer, they will think of you first.

What is candid photography?

The term candid photography is usually used to describe a style of photography that captures people in situations as they appear in real life. 

This can be done with or without being seen, but it’s often meant to capture an intimate moment in time when private moments are not commonly captured.

An important word of warning: while you may want to take pictures candidly, there are some places where you cannot do so. 

It is against the law to take photos within the borders of certain countries without permission from authorities. 

Moreover, you should never take photos of individuals without their consent, even if you are unaware that the individual is a celebrity or famous person. 

It is crucial to be aware of local regulations before taking any photographs.

Here are some examples of candid photography:

— A bride during her wedding day pretends that she doesn’t know how beautiful she looks in her dress and veil.

— A mother breastfeeding her baby as it drinks from a bottle outside a restaurant.

— A father cradling his newborn baby on a couch in a child’s bedroom.

— Newlyweds kissing for the first time after their wedding ceremony.

— A student spending the night studying in a library.

— A restaurant server working in the kitchen

— A child playing in the park after midnight on Halloween.

— An elderly man lying on a couch by an open window.

It is important to note that not all of these situations question privacy, social norms, or laws because they involve individuals who willingly put themselves into them for the purpose of being photographed. 

There are situations, however, where individuals do not want to be photographed and should not have that intention while being photographed by uninvited photographers. 

For instance, it is not uncommon for people to think about taking candid photos of celebrities or famous people. 

Although this may be done without a celebrity’s knowing that it’s happening, it could still affect the person’s career and privacy, as well as violate other social norms in that specific country and culture.

If you do want to take candid photos of celebrities or famous people, be sure to respect their wishes for privacy. Always ask for permission before doing so.

Nasir Hossain – Commercial Fashion Photography or candid photography?

Commercial fashion photography is a type of photography where the style and composition are intended to sell products. 

It’s usually shot on a white background and has a much more polished, “styled” look than candid photography. 

A high-key look with bright, blown-out highlights is considered one of the hallmarks of commercial fashion photo shoots.

Candid photography captures moments as they happen, without any staging or arrangement by the photographer. 

The results can be more artistic and creative than commercial fashion photography because the photographer is freer to move around, capturing different angles and lighting conditions.

Candid photography is great for getting a “true-to-life” look, not something composed by the photographer. 

Commercial fashion photography looks very staged and stylized compared to candid photography. 

The person(s) in the photograph does not have to look a particular way – they are allowed to look however they feel like looking at that moment.

If you love looking at candid photography but feel a bit intimidated by the thought of shooting commercial fashion photography, try having a tutorial shoot. 

Observing somebody else’s work is one thing, doing it yourself is enough just. This gives you a chance to see what it looks like from the photographer’s point of view and also from inside the composite image.

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Why Comes to Nasir Hossain – Commercial Fashion Photography?

Nasir Hossain, the best fashion Photographer in Bangladesh, has come to the realization that there are some serious problems with the industry of commercial photography. 

It seems like today’s profession is in need of more innovation and consideration for what they do and those who choose to pursue it. 

The topic is especially relevant because Nasir has argued in many articles that fashion media displays women ‘in a way that objectifies their bodies’ and sets up unrealistic standards for their weight, appearance, etc. 

He feels that the industry is filled with ‘self-sabotaging women’ who are being rewarded for their ‘unrealistic standards. 

This topic seems to be intriguing enough to warrant more context and introspection.

Fashion photographer in Bangladesh Nasir’s argument is diametrically opposed to the usual rhetoric of photography, where calling out photographers with unhealthy images would be tantamount to attacking free speech. 

The criticism is especially powerful in this case since the artist himself has been a victim of this double standard.

His experiences with the industry have forced him to question the ethics of his profession and, in turn, he has elevated the debate.

Firstly, Nasir has come up with an ‘atrocity list’ that outlines common unhealthy practices in fashion photography. He names them as such:

1. Photoshopping models’ bodies. Nasir sees this as a common practice in the advertising industry. He has worked on several campaigns that feature Photoshopped images of models and he is upset at how unrealistic they are. In his view, this is the reason why these models engage in unhealthy practices such as excessive exercise.

2. Exposing models to harmful UV rays/tanning beds/sunbeds. Models are required to have darker skin colors to meet the demands of the industry. 

Nasir explains that this reflects a deeper issue concerning the treatment and perception of women since darker skin is often associated with less social status. 

He connects the use of tanning beds with skin cancer, which can lead to death if left untreated.

3. Requiring models to meet unrealistic body standards. The standards of beauty in today’s society are extremely unrealistic. 

Female models are required to have ‘thinner bodies’ and bigger breasts, which is the reason why they engage in dangerous methods of dieting and exercise.

4. Extreme exercise requirements. Most models suffer from eating disorders, since they have to maintain a certain weight, regardless of their height or body type. 

As a result, they begin an endless cycle of dieting and exercise that leaves them with permanent physical damage.

5. The effects of the fashion industry on mental health. Nasir shows that models are encouraged to have a poor self-image and place their mental health at risk. 

He gradually started to feel uncomfortable with his job, since he had to take pictures of women who were ‘looking at themselves with disgust.

Nasir’s atrocity list highlights the unhealthy practices that are widespread in the fashion industry and discredits those who perpetuate them.

Secondly, Nasir argues that the fashion industry has no restrictions and they don’t have to take responsibility for its practices.

He claims that this is so since the fashion business is not now subject to any rules or regulations.

He believes that the government should regulate the industry and enforce some form of accountability for its practices. 

He sees this as an essential part of making a ‘better fashion industry.

Nasir’s argument is not unreasonable. He is entitled to his opinion, but it must be considered from the perspective of how this would affect the fashion industry and how it would influence its stakeholders. 

Some of Nasir’s cynicism towards the fashion industry may be a result of personal experiences. For instance, he details an incident in one of his articles where he had to take a picture of a model who ‘looked as though she was not bathing at all’ due to her unhealthy lifestyle choices with regard to diet and exercise.

There are also many other examples of harmful practices that Nasir attributes to the fashion industry.

Realizing these practices’ effects and concluding that change is necessary are both easy steps to take. He comments: ‘We should be models, not objects.

As an occasional fashion photographer, Nasir has many reasons for wanting to change what he does. 

As such, it is unfortunate that his subject matter does not affect him in the same way it affects those who are afflicted by such unhealthy practices.

His work, however, is still important for his sake. 

As a photographer, he is concerned with women’s representation in the media and how it affects their overall image and self-esteem. 

Nasir’s best model photographer in Dhaka intention to change the fashion industry and improve the industry’s practices is admirable, but it can be hard for a person like him to draw attention to these issues because there are many other people who share similar interests, and concerns that are not as high profile the best photographer in Bangladesh.

Pros & Cons

Before using it, many people ask what is the difference between commercial fashion photography and candid photography. 

After all, both are “photo shoots”.The advantages and disadvantages of commercial fashion photography will be covered in this article to assist you in selecting the shot that best suits your requirements.

The main difference between commercial and candid photography is in who actually takes the picture- a professional or an amateur photographer. 

Commercial photographers are professionals who have taken extensive classes to learn their craft. They are required to abide by all guidelines established by their sector. 

They will produce beautiful and high-quality images, but it can be more expensive than other types of photography because they usually have to hire professional models who are very careful about what pose they take.

On the other hand, candid photographers are amateurs who do not pay attention to professional conventions such as lighting, composition, or posing. 

The main goal of candid photography is to capture a spontaneous moment and express the mood or feeling of your subject through the photograph. 

The picture may not be as high quality, but it will reflect the true feeling and personality of your subject.

Commercial Fashion Photography Pros:

■ The pictures are of high quality because the professional photographer makes sure that they are properly lit, sharp and well composed. 

They will ensure that the model and photographer follow all rules and regulations set by their industry to make sure that they do not get sued. 

Commercial photography is very serious, they want to capture a great shot while still staying on budget with the time limit they have given.

■ If you plan on selling the photos, it’s best to use a commercial photographer to ensure that the model and photographer are following industry professional standards. 

It may just be used in magazine advertisements, but you do not want to get sued after your photo is used with something totally different.

■ Commercial photographers usually have connections so they can get the best models and photographers they can find. 

They try their best to cover every angle and every side of your business so that they will get great publicity once their photographs are published.

Commercial Fashion Photography Cons:

■ You may need to hire a commercial photographer because it is hard to find a model and photographer that does not follow the rules. 

They want to make sure the images are properly lit, well composed, and do not look like they are taken in a dark alley by some drunk person. 

Commercial photography is very expensive because models will be more careful about their poses while they still have to practice wearing clothes that will be used later in publications.

■ You may be required to pay a high licensing fee that is set by your industry to make sure that your pictures are in compliance. 

Commercial photographers usually have connections with the models so they can get them cheap, but this comes at a price.

A lot of amateurs who take photos for fun do not want their photos published because they do not think it would sell well or be any good. 

Therefore, they do not want to get paid. If you do not pay them upfront, they will most likely be your friend for life unless you plan on suing someone over a photo you took that got published.

Candid Photography Pros:

■ You can see the true feeling of your subject because they are not as careful about their poses. When taking candid shots, sometimes it’s best NOT to ask permission from your subject. 

They will be able to perform spontaneously and authentically in front of the camera as a result. Candid photography is also perfect for capturing events such as weddings. 

It is more natural to just pull out your camera and start taking pictures without bothering anyone about their pose or if the lights are okay.

■ Candid photography makes use of all kinds of equipment you may have around the house, such as a camcorder or an iPhone. 

One could even introduce your topic when filming a documentary.

■ You can do candid photography for free or for a low price if you are not planning on selling the pictures. 

This will give you a different perspective on your subject than what they would have done in front of a professional photographer. 

This might also not require copyrighting because it is not considered to be commercial photography because it is not sold and wanted to be used for anything other than personal use like family photos or memories.

Candid Photography Cons:

■ Candid photography does not usually look as good as commercial photography. 

But don’t let that discourage you because you can still make it look good through editing, lighting and composition. 

You just have to be more creative in the way you shoot and the way you edit your photos.

■ If obtained, copyrighting is more difficult to do because it is considered to be commercial photography because it is not used for personal use only. 

You will be required to independently complete a registration form with both the BD Copyright Office and wait for its approval.

Shooting a commercial shoot or a candid shoot is all about the photographer’s preference and what is most comfortable for both the photographer and the subject. 

There are pros and cons to both commercial photography and candid photography. It all depends on whether you take good care of your product or if you are just shooting for fun with your friends.


If you are shooting to make money, it is an excellent idea to use a professional commercial photographer because they will be able to capture moments that will make your photos stand out in comparison to others in the same industry famous Photographer in Bangladesh. 

It’s important that they follow all industry rules so they don’t get sued.

If you are shooting for fun or for personal use, it’s perfectly fine to shoot candidly. 

The pictures will not be as professional and might not be as high quality, but it will show the true personality of your subject. 

It can also be cheaper to take candid photos than commercial photos depending on how you shoot them and if you have access to a professional photographer.

Commercial photography is very serious and expensive while candid photography is less formal and easier on the wallet. 

You can still take great shots of your subject and get away with bad lighting because it’s all about capturing the feelings.

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Difference Between Commercial Fashion Photography vs candid photography in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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