Nasir Hossain - Fashion Photography
Biography of Nasir Hossain

Nasir Hossain, creative fashion photographer of this generation. He is a known face to many fashion enthusiasts and popular on social media as well. He was born and raised in the old towns of Dhaka. The surroundings of old Dhaka itself are artistic and a great place for any artist to grow up. 

Nasir felt very passionate about photography from childhood that’s why he learned how to use the camera & all the basics from the very beginning of his life. He entered in photography journey in his teen days back in 2006. Later in 2010, he decided to take his passion to another height. Nasir’s mother was the biggest motivator for him in this journey. 

In his childhood days, he used to dream of traveling. Chasing his dreams, he started traveling on various outskirts of Bangladesh.  While traveling, he got an offer to work with a company. This opportunity was a breakthrough for him and his career. He continued to work there for several years and gained a lot of experience. He became a fashion photographer. Though his love for traveling introduced him to this profession, later it evolved into a love for fashion photography. It gradually became a profitable business for him. Another factor that contributes to his love for fashion.

His social media journey has allowed the world to see his work. He started posting self-portraits and photos of others frequently. These posts caught people’s attention quickly and provided Nasir with an abundance of popularity. He now photographs renowned models like Al Fahad Bari, Troyee Chowdhury, Sunehra Tasnim, and many more social media influencers. His works have been featured in many local magazines and newspapers. Every upcoming influencer or social media content creator wants to be featured by him. His photos focus on beauty, fashion, emotion, structure, and power. Today he has become a source of inspiration for both fashion photographers and fashion enthusiasts. Despite this, he regularly inspires his fans with emotive photos of famous models by posting them on his Instagram feed and story several times weekly. 

His main source of inspiration is the fashion showbiz world. His photos are vibrant, sharp, and catchy. His portfolios contain plenty of monochrome and colored portraits. Many of his captures are romantic and emotive. He focuses on details and atmospheres at the same time. Some of his photos feature a specific story. Each photo tells a story that is what Nasir thinks. Photos have the power to tell a story without words. He always tries to shoot, maintaining his uniqueness. He does all of this while emphasizing the beauty of fashion. 

His clients include many famous leading brands like Grameenphone, Apex, Robi, Meghna Group, British America Tobacco, Splash, Groove, FHQ, Roar, Lola cosmetics, Cats Eyes, Klubhouse, KayKraft, Nabila, Cycle life, to name a few. Working with so many top leading companies for nine long years has given him the experience to grow himself as a leading fashion photographer of Bangladesh. In his leisure time, he likes to read books by various writers. Book reading shapes a creative mind that is known to all. Nasir believes that to achieve any success in life hard work is a must. Without hard work and perseverance, none can achieve a long-lasting successful life. His passion and determination have brought him today’s fame. He loves to learn new skills and test his ability to a certain limit. For any new beginner who is thinking of becoming a photographer, it is necessary first to learn the basics. After that, with patience and strong determination, one can get himself towards his intended destination. Nasir also enjoys watching movies and documentaries, especially fashion-related. It gives him a lot of new ideas about world fashion and it is very fascinating too. 

The next goal of Nasir is, he wants to pursue his career with international fashion brands & wants to work with the models there so that he can show his fashion photography skills & create an impact in the fashion industries. He wants to establish abroad, made a name there & the name of “Nasir Hossain” will be recognized all over the world. That’s what he wishes.